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    Out of passion and commitment, I've set up HomeAquaponicsSystem.com to encourage and help those who are looking to set up their own natural and sustainable food source.

    Building A Greenhouse Plans Review

    by  •  • Greenhouses, Products


    If you’re doing any kind of gardening, whether conventional or aquaponics, then having your own greenhouse to maintain your plants all-year round is ideal. However, the cost of buying a pre-made one is expensive, so building it yourself it a viable alternative. Building A Greenhouse Plans by Bill Keane shows you step-by-step how to...

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    Top 7 Tips Using Aquaponics For Profit

    by  •  • D.I.Y, Tips & Techniques


    If you’re considering pursuing a commercial venture in using aquaponics for profit, you must understand that there are some major differences compared to a home based aquaponics system. You really need to do your homework before heading in that direction which is very alluring to many, but at the same time, requires a lot...

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    The 3 Aquaponics Grow Bed Zones

    by  •  • Basics, Plants


    In a media bed, there are three aquaponics grow bed zones, and each zone has a different purpose and responsibilities. The generally accepted standard for the depth of a grow bed is 30cm deep (although some aquaponics gardeners will use shallower or deeper grow beds). This allows for a more robust system since the...

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    Top 5 Tips For An Aquaponics System Design

    by  •  • D.I.Y, Tips & Techniques


    It’s not easy finding the right aquaponics system design and then turning that idea into reality, especially for beginners without any sort of guidance. Careful planning is essential for an effective and successful long-term aquaponics system. To help you out, here are 5 of the most handy tips for an aquaponics system design. Click...

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    Hydroponics VS Aquaponics – Which Is Better?

    by  •  • Basics


    There has been many debates as to which method of gardening would come out on top in a battle of hydroponics vs aquaponics. In this article, we’ll be looking at the main differences between the two and if aquaponics really is the best of both worlds of hydroponics and aquaculture. What Is Hydroponics? Hydroponics...

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    How Aquaponics Is A Sustainable Food System

    by  •  • Basics


    Our world’s resources along with our animals are rapidly declining in numbers, and we’re in desperate need of a sustainable food system that everyone can make use of. Aquaponics is one of the most effective solutions for this problem, because an aquaponics system replicates an existing natural ecosystem. What Is Aquaponics? To put it...

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    Top 7 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

    by  •  • D.I.Y


    With each passing year, there’s an increase in concern with the environment, and rightfully so. This only serves to add more benefits of growing your own food, and it’s a practice that more and more people are taking up. At first, it may seem like a long process but growing your own fruits and...

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    Top 10 Aquaponics How To Tips

    by  •  • Tips & Techniques


    You may be a beginner or a seasoned aquaponic gardener, but no matter what level you’re at, there’s always something new to learn. In this section, I list my best and most insightful tips I’ve learned during my journey in aquaponics. Here are my top 10 aquaponics how to tips. 1) Choose A Media...

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    Top 7 Benefits For Aquaponics Food

    by  •  • Basics


    Aquaponics has the potential to play a very important role for our future global food production. In modern times, it has become a way of life for many people as it enables growing food for oneself and the community. Here are 7 of the top benefits for having an aquaponics food source. 1) Organic...

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    Aquaponics System Design – Flood And Drain

    by  •  • Basics, D.I.Y


    There are several aquaponics system designsranging from the most basic to more complicated ones, and some can be implemented in your home and backyard depending on how much space you have. The flood and drain aquaponics system design is the most common for home use and also the simplest, which I’ll be going through...

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    What Are The Best Plants For Aquaponics?

    by  •  • Plants


    The fishes are what sets aquaponics apart from other forms of gardening but it’s the plants that provide most of the food. People always wonder, “what are the best plants for aquaponics?” I’ll be going through that in this section. While you may decide to use fish as food perhaps once or twice per...

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    Top 10 Benefits Of Having Aquaponics At Home

    by  •  • Basics


    An aquaponics system is a food production process which combines traditional aquaculture with hydroponics. The animals and plants in an aquaponics system have a symbiotic relationship. Effluents from aquatic animals are used by plants as food. In the process, the plants purify water for the aquatic animals. Aquaculture and hydroponic farming techniques provide the...

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