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There are so many reasons why I believe that everyone would benefit from having an aquaponics system in their home. Here are just a few of the most important:

  • Our ocean’s now carry less than a tenth of fish they once held, due to excessive fishing, pollution and other human-related activities. Aquaponics helps the ocean’s fishes to flourish.
  • It’s well known that harmful chemicals and pesticides are put into most of our food and vegetables. Aquaponics allows you to grow organically and eat healthy.
  • It’s cheap to operate. Once the system is built, all you need is stock fish, seeds and fish food.
  • It’s simple to operate. 95% of the process is automated.
  • Growing your own food using the aquaponics method allows you to save money on your grocery bill every week. You can literally save yourself hundreds every month by growing your own healthier and tastier fish and vegetables.

The many advantages that aquaponics brings has had many people implementing their own systems in their gardens and in their home. Click here to find out more about how aquaponics works.

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