What Is A Biodome?

what is a greenhouse

A biodome is a form of controlled, self-sufficient eco-system that closely replicates the natural outdoor environment. It is a scientific based form of a greenhouse that can made up of … Read more

What Is A Greenhouse?

what is a greenhouse

A greenhouse is a structure or building where plants are grown. Greenhouses vary in size from small sheds to large industry-sized structure. Miniature greenhouses are known as cold frames. Greenhouses … Read more

What Aquaponic Fish To Use

aquaponic fish

If you’re new to aquaponics, you need to be aware that you cannot just use any species of fish. Freshwater fish are the most common of aquatic animals raised using … Read more

Top 7 Aquaponics Fish Species

aquaponics fish species

When you’re deciding what fish to use for your aquaponics system, you must take into consideration whether you’re raising the fish to be eaten or simply just to correlate with … Read more

Aquaponics 4 You Review

There are only a couple of build-it-yourself aquaponics system guides that I would recommend, and Aquaponics 4 You by John Fay, a Certified Organic Farmer and Aquaponics Expert, is one … Read more

Easy! DIY Aquaponics Review

When I was first introduced to aquaponics, I was astounded by the extremely expensive prices of aquaponics systems. It made more sense to build one myself instead. The Easy! DIY … Read more

How Does Aquaponics Work?

how does aquaponics work

You’re probably wondering, “how does aquaponics work?”. It’s actually all quite simple. The above diagram shows in its most simplest form the process of aquaponics. I’m going to go a … Read more

What Is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is a combination of traditional aquaculture (raising aquatic animals such as fish and prawns in tanks) and hydroponics (cultivating plants in water) in a symbiotic environment. This is an … Read more