How To Build An Indoor Desktop Aquaponics System

Indoor Desktop Aquaponics System

An indoor aquaponics system is ideal for people who are limited on space, have no backyard or who are not living in a climate where it’s ideal for plant growth. Robert Brennan of Get Forked shows you step-by-step how to build an indoor desktop aquaponics system for less than $200.

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Ok, firstly, here a list of the things that you need to get started. Most of these items can be obtained in your local hardware store or even the Internet for a very low price.



Easy! DIY Aquaponics“Hey everyone it’s Robert Brennan. Now if you’re like me you’re hoping that throughout the winter you’re going to be able to grow some food inside.”

“I have this old desk that I haven’t used for ages and I really wanted to do something with it so I decided to build an aquaponics system. Just very small utilizing very little space in your house but you’re going to be able to grow great vegetables that you can use in your cooking anytime.”

“So basically what it is, is we’re going to have the same thing as a flood and drain hydroponic system but instead of having to use nutrients and fertilizers that we buy at the store already made, what we’re going to do is we’re going to use fish waste to create the nutrients for the plants.”

Step-By-Step Instructions

Watch the video below as Robert takes you through step-by-step his process of building a desktop aquaponics system. Skip to 0.55 seconds to go straight to the first step of the process, which is making the grow bed.

If you want to find out how to build an outdoor aquaponics system, I highly recommend you to check out the Easy! DIY Aquaponics guide where it also shows you the complete step-by-step process, very much like the what’s shown in Robert’s video, but with more information in regards to system maintenance and cooking healthy food.

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