Easy! DIY Aquaponics Review

Easy! DIY AquaponicsWhen I was first introduced to aquaponics, I was astounded by the extremely expensive prices of aquaponics systems.

It made more sense to build one myself instead. The Easy! DIY Aquaponics guide showed me exactly how to build an impressive aquaponics system for around $300.

Our Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars

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What You Can Expect From Easy! DIY Aquaponics

There are quite a few different types of aquaponics systems you can build. If you’re fairly new to aquaponics, then I would advise that you start off simple. Easy! DIY Aquaponics gives you a step-by-step guide on how to build and maintain a simple yet effective aquaponics system.

Here’s a short video of what you can expect from this course.

The guide is created by Andrew Endres, an organic gardening enthusiast who has spent hundreds of hours on research and development to give you an affordable aquaponics system that would last and work just as well as the very expensive kits.

The great thing about Andrew’s system is that it’s highly customizable and scalable, which means that you can double or even triple the size of your operation, and still end up spending much less than you would if you were to purchase a pre-made aquaponics system.

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Easy! DIY Aquaponics Overview

Here’s an overview of the framework that’s inside the members area of Easy! DIY Aquaponics:

  • Easy! DIY Aquaponics Manual: This explains every step of setting up an aquaponics garden including how to get it all started and how to maintain it for an all year round operation.
  • Extensive How-To Video Guide: Included is an actual video that shows you how Andrew builds his system step-by-step so that you can easily follow along.
  • Blueprints & Diagrams: These provide you with detail on every step of the process and gives you a good idea of how it all works.
  • Complete System Parts List: You can print this handy parts list out for your own reference whenever you go and purchase the system parts.
  • Maintenance Log: A well organized and easy-to-follow log to help you keep track of your chemical tests, feedings, water changes and the overall  health of your plants and fishes.
  • All Access Pass: You’ll also get access to the members section of Easy! DIY Aquaponics download site where there are updates, news and information as well as ongoing tips and instructions.

easy diy aquaponicsTo be honest, I feel that’s more than enough to set you on your way to raising your own healthy plants and fishes, but Andrew is also including a few useful eBook bonuses, which includes:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Worm Farming: This guide will be very handy for your aquaponics venture because specific worms helps to liquefy solid organic matter so that it can be utilized by the plants.
  • Insider Tips To Healthy Living: This eBook presents you with professional advice from a fitness and nutritional expert, and helps to achieve your diet, exercise and lifestyle goals.
  • DIY Green House Plans: Certainly a must-have for all gardeners. A greenhouse will allow you to control your aquaponics environment to grow produce all year round. This guide shows you greenhouse plans in a variety of sizes.
  • Build A Windmill Plans: Reduce your electricity bill by creating your own energy source. This eBook will show you step-by-step on how to build your own windmill.
  • Vegan Cooking For Newbies: Turn your organically grown produce into tasty meals. A great guide whether you’re a vegan or not.
  • Survival Plants: An insightful guide on why and how certain plants can be used for survival and health purposes such as healing, hydration and high protein intake.

You may not use all of the bonuses. I know I didn’t, but there are definitely a few of them that are very useful, especially for your aquaponics operation.


What I love about the Easy! DIY Aquaponics guide is that everything is made so simple to understand. The entire aquaponics system is very straightforward to copy and you won’t have to spend countless hours sourcing parts (as they’re all very common) and figuring out what to do.

Some people may find it hard to believe that you can actually build a fully functional and high quality aquaponics system for only $300 or so dollars. The Easy! DIY Aquaponics guide is the proof in the pudding and it’s one that I highly recommend.

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