Top 7 Benefits Of Growing Your Own Food

With each passing year, there’s an increase in concern with the environment, and rightfully so. This only serves to add more benefits of growing your own food, and it’s a practice that more and more people are taking up.

At first, it may seem like a long process but growing your own fruits and vegetables is not as hard as it seems, and it’s definitely rewarding.

Once you have your system and schedule in place, it’s pretty much smooth sailing from there.

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Here are the top 7 benefits of growing your own food.

1) More Healthy

The food in stores are increasingly being filled with chemicals and what you think is organic may no longer be. When you grow your own food, you’re in complete control of its environment so you can be 100 per cent certain that what you’re consuming is safe for long term health.

Fruits and vegetables are two of the most important things to eat in order to stay healthy, and having them grow in your own backyard makes it difficult to resist. You and your family will surely pick up the habit of eating more healthily in this instance.

benefits of growing your own food

2) Save Money

Due to the economic slump, people are finding ways to reduce their consumption and save their money. It doesn’t help that the cost of everything is up nowadays, from gas prices to food.

Having a farming system at home will save you money on your grocery bill in the long run, where seeds can cost less than a dollar.

One of the most cost effective ways for growing your own food is by building a home aquaponics system which is automated all year round and can serve you fish as well as fruits and vegetables.

3) Sustainable

If you care about the environment, then you’ll take comfort in knowing that growing your own food is a sustainable practice that won’t deplete the earth’s natural resources as it maintains a good ecological balance.

You can eliminate the use of pesticides and herbicides which reduces pollution in the air and water, and you’ll also reduce the pollution from fossil fuels as a result of transportation of fresh produce. Everything you do whether positive or negative has a knock-on effect on the environment.

4) Happiness

You’ve probably heard the term “you are what you eat”, and that certainly rings true. If you eat junk food then you’ll feel like junk, but if you eat fresh healthy food, you’ll look and feel healthy which equals to being happier.

There are still non-believers and if you’re one of them, then try having a strict diet of healthy foods for a month or so, and you’ll begin to see a huge difference in your emotions.

benefits of growing your own food

5) Reduction Of Food Wastage

The average American family throws away $700 worth of food each year. That’s enough to feed a poor child in Africa, Asia or South America for an entire year.

We’ve all been guilty of wasting food, but the main aim should be to reduce and get rid of this problem altogether.

You’re much less likely to throw away a large green pepper that you’ve nurtured over the course of several weeks, rather than a moldy cabbage that you purchased from the store.

Growing your own food disciplines your mind frame into knowing how to preserve food and not to spend more than what you can eat.

6) Fun & Addictive

If you’re looking for something to do that will give you fulfillment, then learning and actually growing your own produce fits the bill perfectly. Many people start off growing their own food because they want to cut down on their grocery bills and eating more healthy, but then it becomes an obsession and addiction, albeit a health one.

Children especially will find it interesting to learn about plant growth, and if you’re pressed for time, an aquaponics system requires little maintenance and it creates a synergy between fish and plants that both adults and children find fascinating.

benefits of growing your own food

7) Independence

It feels great knowing that you can rely on your own resources to feed you and your family. It makes everything much easier using the same skills and techniques that our ancestors used in the past for survival.

Food independence means less trips to the grocery store and more control over what you eat.

It’s a gratifying accomplishment and not only will your knowledge likely come in handy in other situations, but it can also be passed onto your children and others.

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