Top 7 Most Useful Products For Your Aquaponic Fish

The fish in your aquaponics system are its lifeline, therefore they should be well looked after to ensure that they are all healthy and happy to create life in your plants.

Here are the top 7 most useful products for your aquaponic fish, some are not essential for your fish but all of these will ensure that your fishes operate more effectively within their environment.

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1) Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor

Ich, which is also known as the white spot disease, is one of the most common and persistent diseases of freshwater fish. Usually, the disease is a result of new fish or equipment being moved from one fish holding unit into another.

The Ich Attack Disease Inhibitor contains 100% organic herbals that will treat this disease and also stops infectious and external parasitic invasions from spawning which as a result, prevents many secondary infections. Click here to see Amazon user reviews and prices for Ich Attack Disease Inhibitors.

2) Rid Fungus

Rid Fungus is a natural herb formula product by Home Grown Ponics and Kordon that will help to control external diseases caused by fungus. It is effective against protozoan parasites on fishes and aquatic invertebrates. Click here to see Amazon user reviews and prices for Rid Fungus.

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3) Fish Tank Net

The great thing about aquaponic systems is that they run on auto-pilot. However, sometimes the fish can escape from its tank, especially if the water is too close to the top of the tank.

If you’re not fortunate enough to be around to put the fish back in, then it’s likely that your fish will die. A fish tank net will prevent this from ever happening. Click here to see Amazon user reviews and prices for fish tank nets.

4) Long Handle Fish Net

Every owner of an aquaponics system or aquarium will eventually need a fish net, even if it slips their mind initially. A fish net can be used for catching fish of various sizes, and also to scoop up debris from the fish tank.

If you have a deep fish tank and/or large fishes, then you must consider getting a long handle fish net with deep net pockets. Click here to see Amazon user reviews and prices for long handle fish nets.

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5) Fish Tank Thermometer

It’s absolutely essential that you keep track of the water of your fish tank, as certain fish species can only handle a specific temperature.

Some of these thermometers will read the temperature in both celcius and farenheit, and some can even read the air temperature also.

If you’re worried about forgetting to read the temperatures, it may help to get a thermometer that has a built-in alarm. Click here to see Amazon user reviews and prices for fish tank thermometers.

6) AquaNourish & AquaOrganic Fish Feed

Both the AquaNourish and AquaOrganic brands of fish feed have been formulated by aquaculture experts specifically for omnivorous pond fish such as the popular breed, tilapia (find out what the top 10 best fish food is).

AquaNourish fish feed have multiple formulations and pellet sizes for the different stages of growth in your fishes, while AquaOrganic is USDA certified and made from organic ingredients. To see Amazon user reviews and prices, check out AquaNourish and AquaOrganic Fish Feed.

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7) HydroFarm Digital Temperature Controller

An aquaponics system is not fully automated until you actually have a digital temperature controller for heat mats and tank heaters. HydroFarm’s top-notch controller can provide constant optimum temperature for specific fish and crops, no matter if it’s a cold or warm environment.

This piece of technology is simple yet effective, and will save you time and precious fish and plants in the event that you forget to adjust the temperature. Click here to see Amazon user reviews and prices for HydroFarm’s Digital Temperature Controller.

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